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Thanks a lot for clicking on this tab and being curious to know more about us.

As you will browse through this blog, you will naturally begin to discover that MINT is a unique organization. And what makes us unique is what we do.

We offer Well-Being Solutions to Corporations, communities and people at large. We are based in Pune, India. We offer training programs and consulting services that can enable organizations and communities discover their well-being needs and then fulfill it.

Corporate Well-Being Solutions

A.     Training programs

All the training programs offered by MINT are a result of concentrated effort of more than a decade’s work. Each program, offers relevant, useful and practical tools and strategies, which fit the purpose.

In our client’s words, they are an outcome of beautifully orchestrated effort fused with unbound creativity. You will find that each program is designed to address real life challenges faced by real executives in real corporate life. And all this shows up in MINT programs because one of the founding principle of Mint Technology™ is “Get Real”

Each of our training programs can be highly customized to suit your organizational and work context.

Some of our successful programs

1.      Cool Work – De-stress and create a stress relieving routine

This is one of creations that we at MINT are proud of. This program is again a result of contribution of some of the most cutting edge ideas shared by well-being experts across the globe. The beauty of this program lies in its applicability to a power performance executive. It not only gets you in touch with your unique stress management style but also offers you insights, ideas and strategies that you can begin to use immediately. 

2.      Balance – The key to sustaining your top performers

This is an inspiring program designed and developed for top performers of your organization. This program addresses some real issues faced by top performers like living up to expectations, exceeding performance, burnout, depression symptoms, impact on close relationships etc.

3.      Euphoria – Energize, rejuvenate and catch a fresh breath of life.

If your work environment demands dealing with high-pressure situations consistently, then this program offers strategies and tools to deal with pressures of everyday life meaningfully. It offers some innovative and useful insights that can enable you to deal with pressure situations positively.

4.      Leading the Well-being challenge

This program is aimed at Senior & Top level executives who are slowly waking up to the challenge of managing corporate well-being. This program addresses some critical paradoxes a leader needs to address and deal with while fostering a deepened sense of well being in his or her organization. This is based on the fact that one of the most critical competency to be acquired by a global executive leader is that of managing complexity and stress in a healthy manner.

5.      Managing team well-being

This program is specifically designed for team leaders and their teams going through forming and norming stages. We believe that its far more effective for the whole team to manage their team well-being which can ensure each team member’s well-being. This program is very apt for newly formed teams or teams with a new manager or leaders as it addresses some real life issues faced by the whole team while going through this stage. 

B. Corporate Well-Being Consulting Services

Our consulting services go deeper than our programs. The consulting services are based on the belief that well-being is an outcome of doing lot of things right across organization. As a part of our consulting services we partner with our associates from different fields such as Corporate Strategists, OD experts, Process Engineers, Color Therapists, Interior Designers, Dietitians, Homeopaths, Doctors, and many such experts from diverse fields. We help you create systems and processes that result in ensuring transparency, well-being and sense of purpose in your organization.



  1. Hey!!
    This is real neat stuff…
    Interactive exercises like quizzes and tests make the whole thing very engrossing and interesting. Good picking out of content and colors.
    Overall..its FUN TO BROWSE 🙂
    Excellent Work!!!!

  2. I agree with Aditi, It is indeed refreshing, You are very creative , my favorite one is”Euphoria – Energize, rejuvenate and catch a fresh breath of life.”

    Outstanding work..


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