Posted by: Raj Mali | June 19, 2007

Why should a workplace consider Work-Life balance programs?

The need for balance is essential. As stated by OD experts”When employees are “out of balance”, they experience more stress and fatigue and tend to be absent from work more often due to these reasons. They have less focus while at work because they are worried about issues at home and they are also more distracted at home because work matters weigh on their minds. The end result is that neither situation is healthy or productive; in short, it’s a lose/lose situation for employees, their families and their employer.”


Studies on work/life balance programs have reported such benefits as:

  • Attracts new employees,
  • Helps to retain staff,
  • Builds diversity in skills and personnel,
  • Improves morale,
  • Reduces sickness and absenteeism,
  • Enhances working relationships between colleagues,
  • Encourages employees to show more initiative and teamwork,
  • Increases levels of production and satisfaction, and

Decreases stress and burn-out.


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