Posted by: Raj Mali | June 19, 2007

Work Life Balance : Nothing else but sharp business sense

Have you heard people say this before?‘I like my job, I have wonderful kids and a supportive spouse, but I feel that I am stretched to the limit. I never seem to have enough hours in the day to get my work done and still have time for family let alone friends or the things I really want to do’.

They are not alone. Several studies have found high levels of stress are often associated with conflicting demands of work and home. One survey showed that even though job satisfaction may be high, a majority of workers rate balancing work and family as more important that any other employment factors. The Health Canada publication Juggling Home and Work (Workplace Health System, no. 2, 1998) states that one of the greatest challenges to balancing work and home life is job demands. Job demands include “time pressures and deadlines, long hours, unclear or conflicting duties, having too much responsibility, or work that is too tiring or boring”.

Work/life balance initiatives can help to bridge the gap between work and home responsibilities.


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