Hello Reader!!

Welcome to the official blog of MINT Consulting, an organization thats committed to be a major force in the well-being revolution across the globe. Thanks a lot for showing up either co-incidently or intentionally. This blog is created solely for you.

Just to give you more clarity, here’s is a list of what you will find here…

a. Fundamentals of managing your well-being

b. Tips and strategies to deal with stressful situations

c. Tips and techniques to relax and meditate

d. An interactive section for question and answers

e. Experiences of our clients and participants

f. Our daily musings

h. Creative ideas to enhance your well-being that will help you achieve balance.

Hope you enjoy being and interacting with us through this blog.

Do keep letting us know what you would like to see in this space more often so that we can work towards that.

Take care! And take genuine care of your well-being.

At any point of time, you need to write to us, you can send us an email on raj@mintlearning.com

Just to let you know, Raj one of the founders of MINT, will be managing this blog for some time to come till the co-founder resumes her contribution.

Thanks once again for showing up…



  1. Hi Raj…your mail led me to this link. Very neat blog. Will be keen to know more about the work you do.

    Are you the same Raj who I met during the NLP workshop?

  2. my first browsing is surely very positive..i look foward to returning to your site for more insight into art of wellbeing.

    on another note i look forward to meeting you in person as my dear friend in Singapore who knows you very well, has very often included you and your work in our conversations…your blog is a wonderful way to know you . big smile from singapre

  3. Hi Raj, posted some comments on Sunday, but I think Cyberspace swallowed them. II would say wow- neat and uncluttered like you and yet thought provoking…..I sure will be a frequent visitor
    smile and hug from singapura!

  4. The gif on the home page is simply mesmerising.
    There is something about it which makes me feel very good each time i see it.
    The article on 37 cool stress eazers is really good.

  5. Hi raj,
    Thanks for adding lot of energy in life. i’m luvin it.:-)

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